A study of anatomical variations of median nerve in human cadavers

Dr. Channabasanagouda, Shrish Patil, Vijaykumar Shinde, P S Jevor, Madhumati Nidoni


Comprehensive knowledge pertaining to anatomical variations of median nerve is extremely important in clinical and surgical procedures so as to avoid injury to it. The objectives of the study were to know about the variations of median nerve in its formation, course, and distribution in arm. Dissection method was employed and 50 upper limbs were studied for anatomical variations of median nerve obtained from the department of Anatomy.

 Median nerve was formed by two roots in 37(74%) and by three roots in 13 (26%) specimens. It was formed in axilla in 32(64%), in upper third of arm in 10 (20%), middle third of arm in 6 (12%) and lower third of arm in 2 (4%) specimens. In one specimen high division of brachial artery in the middle third of the arm was observed along with formation of median nerve at the same level. Formation of median nerve was lateral to axillary artery in 42 (84%), anterior to axillary artery in 5 (10%), medial to axillary artery in 3 (6%) specimens. Median nerve coursed lateral to brachial artery in 47 (94%), medial to brachial artery in 3 (6%) specimens Median nerve was supplying flexor muscles of arm in 6 (12%) specimens. In two of these six specimens there were concomitant neurovascular variations as well. The present study may provide additional information as such neurovascular variations encountered here are important to be noted during surgical procedures as these are more prone to iatrogenic injuries.


Neurovascular; musculocutaneous; communications; vena comitans ; median


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DOI: 10.7439/ijbr.v4i12.444


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